The cannabis economy of India and the Far East

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Cannabis is widely known all over the world. The cannabis plant, known as the Cannabis sativa, is grown in India and in the Far East. Though illegal in some parts of India, it is legally grown in others. Many people have a negative attitude towards it but it should be noted that the plant contributes positively to the economy of India and the Far East.

The flowers and buds of the female plant are used in the manufacturing of marijuana. This is the intoxicating drug that has been thought to be a threat to a country’s economy. The drug is mainly used by high school and college students. Some believe that this reduces their learning capability as their concentration is tampered with. They are also unable to make correct decisions. As a country needs learned individuals to boost their economic status, it is greatly affected. It is a fact that it can induce a kind of apathy, but when a person uses it carefully there is no reason for it to impair an existing desire to achieve or learn, Where there is no aspiration, there is a greater negative and apathetic effect.

Indian cannabis smoker

Staying put


Some believe that, when smoked, cannabis brings about respiratory diseases like lung cancer and bronchitis. They think it can also cause brain damage and reduce ones IQ. These diseases cause one to be inefficient at work or in performing activities. A country thus loses its workers and its economy deteriorates. However, these beliefs are more myth than reality, and, in many cases, it is the underpinning social level or background which is to blame. Images spring to mind of the impoverished sat there in the gutter smoking marijuana. They would be in the same situation with or without the drug.

The plant also contributes positively to the Indian economy. The seeds and stalks of the male plant are used in industries. They are used in the manufacture of hemp oil and other products. These products are exported to USA where the growing of cannabis is illegal in the majority of states. Other hemp products include plastics, food, paper, textiles, food additives, cosmetics, detergents and construction materials. The male plant also has a high cannabidiol (CBD) concentration. This is used in the United States for medical research and medical marijuana. These exports from India and other Far East countries contribute positively to their internal economy.

Though there is a wide-spread negative opinion about the drug, some Indians use it for religious purposes. The drug is considered sacred and is said to be liked by the Indian god Shiva. It is therefore given as an offering during religious ceremonies to their gods. It has also been used for sealing treaties, as a sacrifice and in divinations. This is a positive use of cannabis that has promoted the economy as it is purchased in large amounts from growers by religious people and doesn’t harm the users.

Though illegal for use in many countries, the permitted growth of the plant in India enables the drug to be sold. While using it for positive purposes, many people take advantage of the situation to use it as one of the various recreational drugs. This has been thought to pose some risk for the country. However, as some are considering legalizing the plant, they should perhaps consider what has happened in the States and other countries where marijuana is legal in many areas and provides a boost to socio-economic aspects of society.

Farming cannabis in India

A boost to the economy

In conclusion, cannabis in India has different contributions to the economy of the country depending on the use. The country’s cannabis producers should ensure that they sell the drug to manufacturing companies that are certified. Though it is tempting to sell it directly to the end user as a recreational drug and thereby make an increased profit. Cannabis growers have it in their power to make the choices that will benefit the cannabis economy of the country and can learn from the example and the high profits shown to be generated in the USA where states like Colorado and Washington are making millions.

Indian bhang shop

Not quite Colorado

The bhang shops of Mumbai or Calcutta might still be a long way from the top Denver dispensaries, but the latter show what it is possible to achieve in a short space of time and what is necessary in a society that recognizes the benefits of a medically useful drug and the positive aspects of its recreational side. Pot tourism in India could certainly kick off one day as it has in Colorado and other US States.

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Why do people take drugs?

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Many people have never experienced addiction

cannabinoids and their receptors

Numerous cannabinoid receptors

of any kind. For these people it can be difficult to comprehend and get a handle on the rationale behind medication misuse. In any case, with medication use getting more predominant in America, it’s currently basic for people to burrow more profoundly and search for the reasons why people use drugs and liquor. This is not intended to be a finished rundown, nor is it intended to be a therapeutic prompt, yet I feel this article can reveal some insight for addicts or relatives of addicts dealing with this issue.

1. People experiencing nervousness, bipolar issues, despondency or other emotional instabilities use drugs and liquor to assuage their pain.

Emotional instability is such a burden for a some people that they will attempt pretty much anything to soothe the agony. Drugs or liquor can incidentally make that individual feel “typical” once more, similar to how they felt before the problems started. Emotional instability is terrifying for the individuals encountering it, so they are reluctant to go to a doctor or relative for help and rather swing towards drugs or liquor to attempt and tackle the issue all alone.

2. People see relatives, companions, who are good examples or performers using drugs and feel that they can do the same.

As adolescents and youthful grown-ups, it’s anything but difficult to feel that medication and liquor use can be taken care of and controlled, especially on the off chance that they see others they know doing precisely that thing. It can turn out to be simple to find the excuse like: ‘hey my companion’s been doing this for a few years and he appears to be fine to me.’ Entertainment and music is loaded with medication references and that can add to the legitimization that medication use is alright some of the time. People with a family history of medication or liquor misuse are significantly more prone to build up an addiction than a person with no family background of habit.

3. People get to be exhausted and think drugs will offer assistance.

Boredom is a major variable in medication misuse in teenagers and young adults. People in this age section for the most part don’t have bills, employment and all the anxieties that accompany adulthood. So it’s less likely they will end up exhausted and with the need to have a go at something new and energizing. Medication use is regularly considered as an approach to get away from the commonplace world and enter a changed reality.

4. People think drugs will diminish stress.

Our cutting edge world is loaded with new strains and anxieties that people have never experienced before. Albeit numerous things in life are currently less demanding than at any other time, the burdens are likewise high. Just having a family, keeping up a family, and holding down work are colossal anxiety variables. Taking drugs is seen as a method for unwinding – an approach to quiet the tempest in your psyche.

  1. People figure if a medication is endorsed by a doctor, it must be all right.It is simple for a person to feel that using a medication is ok on the grounds that it was prescibed by a doctor. The reasoning goes like this ‘it was endorsed by somebody I know for the same issue I am having, so it bodes well and ought to work for me too.’ The risky part about this justification is it can prompt taking a mix of drugs, overdose, unintended symptoms and/or reliance.6. People get physically harmed and unexpectedly get snared on recommended drugs.
  2. The people at danger from this are physical workers, the elderly, and anybody with previous complaints. Doctors prescibe drugs even though they create dependency.7. People use drugs to hide agonizing events from their past.Numerous people experience traumatic occasions throughout their life, commonly as kids, and swing to drugs to supplant their loathsome recollections. Youngsters are to a great degree less susceptible to injury, whether physically or mentally, but those emotions can follow them into their adulthood. These people could profit by working with therapists to repair their harmed minds. Drugs typically just exacerbate the issue.8. People think drugs will help them fit in.
    Drugs are used socially

    It doesn’t matter what the drug might be

    At the point when hanging out with companions, it’s simple for people to need to fit in and appear like one of the team. On the off chance that others are drinking or doing drugs, it’s reasonable for somebody to fall into that trap. Peer pressure can be a tremendous power making somebody attempt things they would ordinarily not attempt alone.

    9. People pursue the high they once experienced.

    Ask any individual who has tried drugs and they will let you know that it is one of the best feelings of their life. The highs from drugs are a great deal more amazing than normal ordinary delights in light of the fact that most drugs overload the joy receptors in your mind. Once a man feels this great joy, it’s natural for that individual to wind up snared on a medication just pursuing the first high they once felt. As we all know, this is a cycle that is hard to break. The highs are similarly as effective as the lows felt when falling off the wagon.

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Marijuana Legalization In Mexico

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Marijuana Legalization In Mexico

The Mexican Supreme court opened the door for marijuana legalization on the 4th of November, 2015. The ruling dealt a blow to the nation’s strict substance abuse laws. This ruling also added weight to the growing debate in Latin America concerning the costs as well as the consequences of the war against drugs. The Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, was quoted as saying that he respected and accepted the Supreme court’s ruling.

The Mexican Supreme court ruled that it was legal to produce and consume cannabis for personal, recreational use. However, this ruling was made in favor of four members of a group that advocates for legalization of cannabis in Mexico. They were allowed to grow, transport, and consume marijuana for their own recreational use. However, they were not allowed to sell it. The most worrying thing for some about the ruling is that it could create a legal precedent that would deliver a lethal blow to laws against personal cannabis use in Mexico.

On the other hand, because the ruling only affects the four individuals who had filed the lawsuit, there will be no changes to policies which are against the sale of narcotics as well as organized crime. However, the ruling will encourage other individuals and cannabis clubs to start pressurizing the government to give them licenses to grow and use cannabis for recreational purposes.

Marijuana in Mexico

Legalization is getting closer

In 2009, Mexico passed a law that allowed its citizens to possess small amounts of cannabis, heroine, and cocaine. In addition, the leftist Democratic Party has proposed a number of initiatives to legalize cannabis. However, the current Mexican president has stated on many occasions that he opposes the legalization of cannabis. He is of the opinion that it would lead to increased drug use. His views are shared by many people in Mexico who associate the use of drugs with organized crime.

For instance, the president of the National Association for Parents, Consuelo Mendoza, said that there are more serious problems affecting the country that needed urgent solutions other than legalizing marijuana. She was appalled by the decision of the Supreme Court and was quoted as saying that many young people in Mexico did not have access to education or jobs.

The health secretary in the government of Mexico said that the ruling of the Supreme Court did not amount to the legalization of marijuana. She also said that the government has the responsibility to watch over the health of its citizens and that it is very much aware that marijuana can cause addiction, especially among the youth. According to her, the most important thing is for the government to reinforce the government’s preventive measures.

Meanwhile, people who are advocating legalization celebrated the ruling by lighting joints.

In addition, the mayor of Mexico is of the opinion that Mexico is ready for the legalization of medical cannabis. However, he thinks that before this can be done, it would be essential for the country to discuss the commercial issues that legalization would involve.

marijuana seizure

This could be avoided with legalization

Another argument in favor of legalization is that it would lead to a reduction of drug-related violence. This has been a major problem in Mexico and in the last decade alone, it has led to thousands of deaths. These deaths are a result of drug gangs fighting one another as they try to control lucrative smuggling routes and as they challenge a government crackdown.

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in Mexico and about 60% of jails in Mexico are occupied by people who are jailed because of marijuana-related offences. Advocates of legalization argue that it would allow the country’s police and army to focus on other more serious crimes as well as create space in prisons for more serious criminals.

The government stand on legalizing marijuana remains unchanged despite the fact that the Supreme Court has made a ruling in favor of legalization. Those in favor of legalization have a long way to go.

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Growing Cannabis And Sustainable Energy

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Marijuana has now been legalized in a number of states in the US as well as in other countries around the world. While it is likely to generate a lot of tax revenue and create many employment opportunities, it must not be forgotten that marijuana production consumes a lot of energy. This high consumption may be difficult to sustain in the coming years.


Energy consumption in marijuana production

The fact of the matter is that most of the cannabis consumed in the States and other countries where it is legalized is grown indoors. Growing cannabis indoors consumes an enormous amount of energy. As more and more states choose to legalize cannabis, the energy cost of producing cannabis indoors will be much higher.

There are a number of reasons why marijuana is still being grown indoors even in places where it is now legal. They include the following:

-Indoor cultivation gives growers greater control over their products unlike when it is grown outside,

– Indoor cultivation provides more security for growers and their clients since the marijuana business is mostly cash-based.

-State and federal laws make other methods of cultivation, which might be more energy-efficient, unfeasible.

The cost of growing marijuana

Lighting and air-conditioning are expensive

Is cannabis cultivation going to be sustainable in the long run considering its high energy consumption?

In 2012, a sustainability researcher and consultant Evan Mills reported that cannabis production in the US accounted for 1 % of the total national energy consumption. In other words, cannabis growhouses consumed the same amount of electricity as 2 million homes. In monetary terms, the energy cost for indoor production is approximately $ 6 billion annually. Considering that more states are set to legalize cannabis, this level of energy consumption is not going to be sustainable in the long run.

How indoor production of marijuana consumes energy

According to Ellis Smith, the chief development officer with a consultant firm known as the American Cannabis Company, most of the power needs for indoor growers is for lighting purposes. Indoor growers sometimes use high power lighting – up to 1000 watts. For this reason a lot of heat is produced in a very small space, necessitating the use of air conditioning systems. This means that indoor growers end up using a lot of energy. Some growhouse operators are known to incur energy costs amounting to more than$100,000 per month.


What can be done to make cannabis growing become more energy efficient?

– Use of green houses

A good option is to start producing marijuana in green houses. This could reduce the need for lighting to a great extent. However, supplementary lighting would still be required for cloudy days or when the days become shorter. This would also present other challenges including provision of water, supplementing CO2, as well as humidity control. In addition, construction of green houses is also quite expensive. All these factors require money and energy.

– Using renewable fuels and water recycling techniques

Some producers have resorted to using sustainable growhouse methods, including using water recycling techniques as well as renewable fuels. This enables them to save on energy costs because these methods are cheaper. If indoor growers could resort to using sustainable growhouse methods, a lot of saving in terms of energy consumption could be realized nationally.

With time, society will become more concerned with the impact of marijuana on the environment. This will cause regulators and consumers to start calling for cannabis to be grown in an energy-efficient manner. In addition, as the energy cost of growing cannabis keeps on escalating, growers will also begin to press for this transition.

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How to set up a successful cannabis dispensary

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Selling marijuana and its products is technically still illegal at federal level in the USA. The implication of this is that the legality of establishing and operating a marijuana dispensary is usually a complicated issue that needs careful navigation. For this reason, you need to take into consideration the following factors if you are intending to set up a successful cannabis dispensary:

-Establish whether it is legal to set up a marijuana dispensary in your area

It is a fact that several states in the USA as well several other countries have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. However, laws that govern the sale and consumption of cannabis and its products vary from one state to another and from country to country. It is therefore important to first check with your local department of health services in your state or country, as well as your local municipal offices in order to ensure that you are legally allowed to operate a dispensary in your area.

-Do research on local zoning laws

A dispensary is a business like any other. For this reason, it should ideally be located in a commercial zone. However, you will have to acquire the necessary permits as well as other documents before setting up your business.

In different cities and countries, there are additional restrictions that you need to be aware of. For instance, in many Cities in the state of California, you cannot open a dispensary within 1,000 feet of a child care centre. You need to be aware of such additional restrictions before setting up your cannabis dispensary in your favored location.

-Decide whether you are an ideal candidate

Operating a marijuana dispensary involves taking certain risks, including social stigma and difficulty in securing employees. In addition, marijuana dispensaries are always a target for vandalism and theft. It is important to take into account all these risk factors before you can venture into this business.

-Learn how to grow marijuana or hire an expert

Growing weed

indoors or outdoors

In the US, some states require marijuana dispensaries to grow their own cannabis. Growing your cannabis will help make sure your dispensary is always supplied with enough cannabis. This will also help maintain your customers and keep them happy. Understanding how to run a growing operation is crucial for the success of your cannabis dispensary.

-Seek legal advice

Due to the fact that marijuana dispensaries face a unique legal situation, it is essential to involve a lawyer before opening or purchasing a dispensary. He will also assist you to acquire the necessary permits and licenses. In addition, he will also ensure you are in full compliance with all your country, county, city, or state regulations.

-Prepare a business plan

A good business plan is essential because it will help you find investors. It will help provide them with a clear description of your company’s plans, goals, assets, and projections. You may decide to start your business as a sole proprietorship or as a corporation. You may also decide to form a collective or cooperative. In certain areas, only cooperatives or collectives are legal. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to involve a legal expert before setting up a cannabis dispensary.

-Secure the necessary finances to enable you start your dispensary

The cost of starting a cannabis dispensary may vary from place to place but in the US, it is approximately $250,000. However, it may go up to $ 500,000 in some cities. This figure includes the following:

-License application fees,

-Securing a store front,

-Purchasing or growing cannabis,

-Insurance and other expenses.

Securing traditional financing for a cannabis business may be a difficult thing even with a good business plan. For this reason, you may opt to look for business partners if the regulations in your area allow it.

-Hire a qualified accountant

A qualified accountant can assist you navigate the financial aspects of your business. He or she will help you file tax returns for your business and manage all other financial aspects of your business, including the payroll.

In the US, marijuana dispensaries are highly likely to be audited by the IRS. This is because cannabis is still technically illegal. A good accountant may come in handy in case you are audited by the IRS.

-Rent or buy a suitable place

The fact that dispensaries are a high risk, though very profitable business ventures, it is advisable to rent property first before thinking of buying. Renting may help save you money should your business fail to take off.

Online tools that can help you determine the suitability of your business location are available. These include traffic pattern information, traffic generators’ include other recreational and business locations in the area, as well as demographic data.


-Maintain a respectable image

easy to buy marijuana

purchasing is easy at a friendly dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries are likely to face significant anti-community and social pressure and for this reason, you need to maintain a respectable and friendly image in order for you to remain in business. Always try to be respectful and pleasant to your neighbours and in addition, ensure you do the following:

-Keep away from your storefront drug-related or what might be thought of as overly offensive signs, images, or symbols.

-Make sure your dispensary is neat and well-lit with friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

– Ensure there is adequate security in order to keep away thieves and idlers. This will in return help your customers feel secure.

-Establish good working relations with local police and government officers. Make them aware you have no bad intentions and that you are a law-abiding citizen and community minded small-business owner.

-Market your business

marijuana business strategies

marketing for marijuana

You can market your business by liaising with doctors’ offices so that they can provide referrals to your dispensary, or promote your business on certain websites including Hemp American Media group. In addition, you can effectively advertise your business by word –of –mouth through great customer service as well as great products.

-Conduct customer surveys

Conducting customer surveys will help you determine the types of products your customers prefer. Some of them may be looking for specific products as directed by their doctors.

-Keep accurate records

Keeping accurate financial and other records for your cannabis business is very essential considering the fact that marijuana dispensaries have uncertain legal status in many places. Have accurate records of all the products you deal with and all those who are involved in growing and processing the products. In addition, keep a record of all your customers. This information will come in handy in the event that you encounter legal problems.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider if you intend to set up a successful cannabis dispensary.


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Marijuana’s Medical Benefits

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Marijuana’s Medical Benefits

Researchers have figured out how to extract the health advantages of cannabis from its negative impacts. Another weed study has recognized the pathway utilized by cannabis’ primary psychoactive fixing, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The study distributed in the PLOS Biology diary Thursday expressed how the subjective impacts of THC, for example, memory misfortune and tension are brought about by a pathway, which is not the same as its gainful impacts, for example, torment alleviation. The discoveries demonstrated that the pathway included cannabinoid and serotonin receptors.


Specialists at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, alongside the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, led the study on mice. When they hindered the pathway in mice, the THC still indicated health advantages like agony help and lessened queasiness, the scientists said in a statement. The study group noticed that it additionally diminished the shots of memory debilitation, which is a typical reaction of cannabis.

“Our past exploration has additionally found that THC could diminish tumor size in disease patients. … This new research shows how a percentage of the drug’s advantageous impacts can be isolated from its undesirable reactions,” Peter McCormick, instructor in cell science at University of East Anglia’s school of drug store and the study’s creator, said in the announcement.

As indicated by McCormick, the exploration was critical as it figured out how to diminish the undesirable reactions of THC while keeping a few essential advantages, including agony lessening.

The analysts expressed that in spite of the fact that the study was led on mice, they trusted that it is a “leap forward” that will prompt more secure therapeutic utilization of weed.

MedicalMarijuanaMost patients utilization maryjane for endless agony, and especially lower back torment. Nervousness, sleeping disorder and headache cerebral pains are the absolute most continuous ailments treated by therapeutic cannabis. Outside of its all around recorded agony control, it unwinds muscles, lessening the specificity of Parkinson’s illness, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal rope injury. It facilitates the forceful enthusiastic and physical upheavals found in Alzheimer’s illness, Tourette’s disorder and liquor abuse.

Therapeutic cannabis is not a sanction pharmaceutical in Canada and it doesn’t have a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Consequently, it is not secured by most medication arranges the way physician recommended medicines are. Some medication arrangements are considering adding medicinal pot to the rundown of medication advantages or supplemental advantages. Contact your arrangement director or your organization’s HR office to figure out whether and how your medication arrangement covers medicinal weed.

Some medicinal services advantages arrangements have well being spending record/human services spending record (HSA/HCSA) segment. A well being spending record permits arrangement individuals to be repaid for qualified out-of-pocket, well being related costs that are not secured by their broadened well being and dental arrangements. Medicinal cannabis is recorded as a qualified cost in some organization HSAs, HCSAs. Some HSAs, HCSAs distribute a rundown of qualified costs. Contact your arrangement director or your organization’s HR office to check if medicinal marijuana is viewed as a qualified restorative cost.

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